E-Cycle & Motion

Welcome to E-Cycle & Motion

We have been selling this affordable electric bike since 2009. Based on its robust frame and easy-to-pedal motor wheels, with our self-developed function of regenerating braking, it has attracted those customers who want a light and motorized bicycle instead of a heavy scooter. Now we are taking further steps to add more features to it, see details on the right.

Phone:  519 6619858
Email:   ecycle.motion@gmail.com

Our E-Bike has added these features:

1, Li-ion Battery options--$200

In addition to original lead-acid battery, new lithium-ion battery now can be chosen. It reduces the whole bike's weight by 21%, and increases the riding range by 25%. The lighter weight also eases the rider's handling of the bike.

2, Emergency Light--$70

Using the powerful battery, a bright LED flood light is added for user's choice. It can light up a room for several nights during blackouts or camping.

3, Exercise Bicycle--$150

With its rear-center-stand and easy-to-pedal frame, this e-bike can be used as an exercise bicycle by adding our unique electronic circuit to it. It widens the bike's usefulness, and saves the exerciser's energy without wasting it as sweat--the kinetic energy is turned into electricity to charge the battery. 

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